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An concept for a more user centered consumer to manufacturer communication

Learn real insights, right from your customers

With Complaim you’ll find the real issues lying underneath every complaint. Stop designing unnecessary, resource and time consuming features and patches. Start with why. Get the user on the table and find out what the real issue is. Risk a peek into the investor pitchdeck (GDRIVE) if you dare.

“In the future the communication between consumer and product manufacturers will be a highly productive environment. For both sides!”

  • Me, explaining the idea behind Complaim

Complaim provides a service and a platform where users can complain about basically everything. Experiencing a bad service at a coffee shop, having trouble with the vacuum cleaner or noticing tiny design flaws which make a product less useful? With upvotes from other users your complaints can make a big impact and reach the right people. We are also inviting companies to centralizing their complaint management and therefore being much closer to their customers.

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This is work in progress and I strive for better developing progress in order to turn it into reality. Till that happens I still have to learn a lot about web development and how to start a start-up. I am absolutely sure this will help people and manufacturers to develop better products.

If you are interested in learning more get in touch. I’d love to give more details about Complaim.

Hi there,

It's Seb! Since 8 years I shape how humans interact with digital products on desktop and mobile devices. Also writing about technology, culture and ethics.

I work in the field of UX research and concept, information architecture and detailed UI design. In order to get reliable results fast I use early prototyping, testing and co-creation methods to constantly validate design and development with important stakeholders. To round that up I have a profound understanding of front end development in order to support dev and create deeper prototyping.

Together with my wife and son I live and work in Potsdam, Germany.

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