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Sebastian Rauer

Information, Interaction and Visual Design

Since 8 years I shape how humans interact with their environment through digital products on desktop and mobile devices. Here you'll find some of the work I have recently done.

Company Brain

Simple communication tool helping employees sharing internal company knowledge

Every employee has valuable knowledge that somehow can get lost - for various reasons. We wanted to ensure to have our all combined knowledge accessible for everyone inside the company. I built this with jekyll (Ruby) and continuous integration via Gitlab. Other tools where Sketch, iTerm, homebrew and Visual Studio Code. View Case Study

Praise \o/ App

Social sharing app but with privacy. We think people should be able sharing things they love and at the same time having the right for private data protection.

With Praise \o/ we are currently developing an app that cares about the people. Not Companies. Our focus lies on data protection. We think people should be safe sharing information with others. View Case Study

NOx in Germany

Visual Storytelling with data. How does particulate matter affect metropolitan areas in Germany.

After researching the effects of human caused particulate matter smaller than 2,5µg/m3, I have visualized the data with storytelling tools. The outcome is a combination of a Berlin walkthrough and prints from the 3 biggest cities in Germany. Both tells a story about people living in metropolitan areas in Germany. View Case Study

Proton Mail

UI and UX of the OS X desktop mail client application "Bridge"

The ProtonMail Bridge is an application for paid users that runs on your computer in the background and seamlessly encrypts and decrypts your mail as it enters and leaves your computer. View Case Study


Sensing particulate matter where it really matters.

We took the NovaPM10 sensor from the Airrohr and changed the data transmitting technology from WiFi to LoRa to enable people sensing the air quality where it really matters; where people are. The LoRaWAN technology enables us to transmit small amount of data without an internet connection. The data then gets visualized live on a map. View Case Study


An concept for a more user centered consumer to manufacturer communication

Complaim provides a service where users can complain about basically everything. Experiencing a bad service at a coffee shop, having trouble with the vacuum cleaner or noticing tiny design flaws which make a product less useful? View Case Study

Hi there,

It's Seb! Since 8 years I shape how humans interact with digital products on desktop and mobile devices. Also writing about technology, culture and ethics.

I work in the field of UX research and concept, information architecture and detailed UI design. In order to get reliable results fast I use early prototyping, testing and co-creation methods to constantly validate design and development with important stakeholders. To round that up I have a profound understanding of front end development in order to support dev and create deeper prototyping.

Together with my wife and son I live and work in Potsdam, Germany.

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